And We’re Back

After a long time away from blogging, it’s time for me to come back. The demise of Google Plus (beloved in indie game design circles, at least) is the precipitating event, but honestly this return has been long overdue.

As part of the generation that grew up with LiveJournal and then WordPress, this format is familiar to me, but things have changed a lot since I was last posting on Corvid Sun regularly. I’m somewhat older, for one, married and with kids. I’m trying to finish up a PhD dissertation. I’ve moved away from China studies and the policy world in terms of my career objectives. The ways that I think about and design games are very different.

All of that suggested that it’s a good time to start fresh with a new blog under a new name. I was already using “walkchewgum” as a label on, inspired by the idea that play and politics — far from being distinct things — are inseparably intertwined. We are constantly doing them at the same time, in various aspects of our lives.

I’m not completely certain what this blog will consist of yet. Probably a mixture of more and less academic thoughts about play, imagination, politics, and ethics, probably with some science and technology studies (STS) thrown in as well. I may also use this as a place to host or link to some games — both commercial and noncommercial — that don’t fit in other spaces, but we’ll see.

I also view blogging as a form of public scholarship. Many of the ideas, texts, and projects that I encounter in academia are inaccessible to wider audiences for a variety of reasons, even when other folks could clearly benefit from engaging with them. While my audience here isn’t likely to be huge, I definitely want to facilitate different crowds of folks diving more deeply into each other’s thinking and practices.

Looking forward to what comes next.

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