walkchewgum is a blog and game publishing imprint administered by Jonathan Walton. Its name comes from the inseparability of play and politics, requiring us to do both at the same time.

Jonathan Walton is a Katzin Scholar and PhD candidate in Communication at UC San Diego, following a previous career in Asian security and human rights policy. His current research investigates the ethics of the second wave of citizen science projects that use playfulness as a framework for soliciting and channeling participation. Past publications include “Governmentality and Freedom in Pay Day and 14 Days” (2018), “Power and Control in Role-Playing Games” (co-authored, 2018), and “China Plans for Internal Unrest: People’s Armed Police and Public Security Approaches to ‘Mass Incidents’” (2015). Involved in the indie games community for the past 15+ years, his game Restless was featured at IndieCade 2015.