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A performative (“live”) card-based game for 2 or 4 players by J. Walton, which facilitates a short, surreal experience about fishing and the nature of reality.

This is the truth. You are just a pair of friends, lovers, or family members, out in a small boat together, fishing. Your names are always Robin and Parker. Maybe there’s a second boat with another pair of fishers — also named Robin and Parker — or maybe you’re alone on the lake. Either way, something about this situation seems wrong. You can’t quite put your finger on it. But reach into your tacklebox for a fresh worm, another lure, or some bit of gear. Sooner or later, things will start to make a different kind of sense.

Tacklebox is really good… Please get in on it now to say you were there before it was cool.” — Aura Belle, designer of A Real Game, Ascension, and VOID MACHINE YOUR BODY HAS LEFT YOU

“Had a really nice time playing Tacklebox at my local meetup. Light and satisfying and weird. Like, when a game says ‘a weird game’ on the box I kinda look askance like ‘Is it tho?’ but, here to confirm.” — Jackson Tegu, designer of Kaleidoscope, Eyeless Smile, and Retro No Fun Hour with Karate Basket

Purchase for $14.99

[Published January 2019; originally created for Golden Cobra 2018]